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Your dream settles down here, in the heart of Rome. The hospitality and the luxurious imagination of a well-known Roman family has brought such a dream to reality within one of the most beautiful 17th century palaces of the Eternal City.

Furniture, design, decoration and technology will accompany you gracefully into the dream of Rome. The unique and extraordinary position - the famous Via Frattina - exclusive elegance and services, absolute privacy are to welcome you in a dreamy Rome!

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    Junior Suite

    Space and luxury for a special occasion, the privilege of a top-quality stay, or an uncompromising family trip. The embrace of Rome from where everything begins and where time is a gathering of eternal instants.

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  • gallery/ExecutiveRoom-(6).jpg
    Executive Room

    Space and refinement are the foundations of our Triple Executive room. Open the window and admire the wonderful San Lorenzo in Lucina square.

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  • gallery/DeluxeBalcony-(4).jpg
    Deluxe Balcony

    A view on the heart of Rome is possibly the most romantic and joyful of our secrets. It is a special gift to be shared with our beloved one, an unrepeteable feeling of glory that blowed through the hearts of the best artists, noblemen and people of power who have been visiting the Eternal City along the centuries.

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  • gallery/DeluxeRoom-(12).jpg
    Deluxe Room

    Elegance is on details. Our Double Executive room was designed to give you the highest comfort in a refined and looked after space.

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  • gallery/SuperiorRoom-(5).jpg
    Superior Room

    Modern, elegant and spacious, this room is perfect with its contemporary design that can fullfil all the tastes.

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    Connecting Room

    The ideal solution for a family holiday of comfort and design: two bedrooms and two bathrooms, for the convenience of the family!

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  • gallery/DoubleSingleUse_(1)[1].jpg
    Double Room Single Use

    Exclusive comfort. Cutting-edge design and technology make the rooms of one of the most famous Baroque palaces of Rome your private gate into the dream of Rome. Absolute privacy and quiet. Refined elegance and care for details.

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    Single Room

    Minimal design in a sober space, perfect to relax or business stays. Everything you need in a warming and chic room.

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